What We Do


The U.S. Cavalry Association, founded in 1976, is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the U.S. Cavalry. 

The U.S. Cavalry Memorial Research Library, opened to the general public, is a repository of historical Cavalry literature and documents. As part of the Library, we are developing a one-of-a-kind computer data bank of biographical and genealogical information on cavalrymen of all ranks and of all times. The Library serves as a center for disseminating Cavalry history and providing information to members and the general public. Other important functions of the Library include searching out, acquiring, and restoring Cavalry documents,, photographs, and publications. The resources of the Library help educate the public about the Cavalry’s role in America’s history.

We publish The Cavalry Journal, a quarterly magazine, which contains historical information on the Cavalry and the Crossed Sabers newsletter that serves as a medium for keeping Association members informed.

We produce and collect films and videos that stimulate interest in Cavalry history.

We assist Modern Cavalry units in fostering the traditions and esprit de corps of the U.S. Cavalry, past, present and future.

We encourage and assist in the formation of Memorial Cavalry Units and Cavalry Reenactment Groups who provide a living history of the Cavalry.