Cavalry Honor Roll



A place on the U.S. Cavalry Roll of Honor provides for enduring recognition earned by
honorable service in the U.S. Cavalry Horse, Mechanized, Armor, or Aviation.


To Americans who cherish our country’s military heritage, these are familiar names: “Lighthorse Harry” Lee, George Armstrong Custer, “Jeb” Stuart, “Blackjack” Pershing, George S. Patton. Cavalrymen all, masters of mobile warfare, they with comrades wearing the crossed sabers of the Cavalry helped shape our destiny with their valor. Few segments of our society have contributed as much to enliven and enrich our history as have the Cavalry Troopers. They include the “pony soldiers” of yesteryear, the tank mounted Troopers who have smashed their way across this century’s deadly battlefields, and the “sky cavalrymen” whose helicopters have changed forever the dimensions of land warfare. To remember the cavalrymen, to recognize what they have done and still can do, is a privilege we all can share.

To help us remember, to help us preserve the Cavalry’s proud heritage, the U.S. Cavalry Association was formed more than 20 years ago as a nonprofit organization dedicated to this element of historic preservation. Its mission includes collecting and preserving the knowledge and artifacts that define the Cavalry epic, supporting the U.S. Cavalry Association Museum, and sharing with the public its wealth of knowledge and archival information. This includes information from its BIOCAV Program, a one-of-a-kind computerized data bank of information on individuals whose collective experience reflects the story of the U.S. Cavalry.

Your donation to the Association will contribute to the historic preservation and educational services that are dedicated to Cavalrymen. And while strengthening a shared heritage, your donation also can honor the memory of an individual Cavalryman whose service has a personal meaning to you.

It is fitting that the names of Cavalry leaders prominent in that Service grace the walls of Fort Reno, a former Cavalry remount station. It also is fitting that anyone who served honorably in the Cavalry, regardless of rank or length of service, be memorialized in this way. Every name added to the wall signifies a gift that honors that Cavalryman and supports the mission of the U.S. Cavalry Association.


A tax deductible contribution of $100 or more to the U.S. Cavalry Association will provide for commemoration of a qualified individual on the U.S. Cavalry Roll of Honor.

The name of each individual added, together with his unit and the year(s) he served in that unit, is engraved on a brass plaque (11/2” x 6”). The plaques are placed on permanent display in the U.S. Cavalry Association headquarters at Fort Reno, Oklahoma. If the individual served in more than one unit, please select the unit you wish to have engraved and the year(s) he served in that unit. If the individual served in the unit more than once in his career, then select the longest period of service in that unit. 

Units may be separate regiments, battalions, divisions, brigades or higher headquarters, replacement training centers, or relevant service schools. In listing units, standard abbreviations should be used. Evidence of qualifying service of a nominee may include references to or copies of orders, citations, rosters, other official documents, or published articles that confirm military service. Upon acceptance of a nominee for the U.S. Cavalry Roll of Honor, his name (if not already entered) may be added without charge to the Association’s BIOCAV data base.

You can make your contribution online by clicking the Donate button below. Please provide the trooper's name, service unit and service dates in the comment box before you submit your payment.


Alternatively, please print this Cavalry Roll of Honor form and return it with your gift: