Horse Memorial


Remembering A Faithful Friend

Remember a faithful friend with a horse memorial

You’ve heard it many times: A dog is man’s best friend. Of course, dogs do make valued friends. So do cats, for that matter. But can any four-footed companion of ours surpass the noble horse? When you want a horse, a dog or a cat just won’t do.

Horses mean a great deal to a great many people. Just ask any old Horse Cavalryman (if you're lucky enough to find one!). Or any hardy soul still working cattle from the back of a horse. Or a polo player, steeplechaser, Cavalry reenactor, or just about anybody who’s at home in the saddle.

With all the affection and esteem existing for our faithful mounts, shouldn’t there be a fitting way to memorialize an individual horse? You won’t find many memorials to horses in the pet cemeteries, where memorials to dogs and cats abound. Horse lovers, of course, may gaze admiringly at the many statues of unnamed horses that support human figures memorializing Civil War generals. But that’s not the same as knowing that somewhere there’s a memorial to a certain horse that remains important in your life.

The U.S. Cavalry Association now offers horse lovers everywhere something they’ve been waiting for - a uniquely appropriate way to memorialize their favorite mounts. For each horse memorialized, a plaque is mounted and displayed in the U.S. Cavalry Memorial Research Library at historic Fort Reno, Oklahoma. The plaque bears the name and breed of that very special horse, together with the name of the rider. Each civilian horse memorialized will be inducted (posthumously, if appropriate) as an Honorary Cavalry Mount, complete with symbolic Preston brand number. Those horses that actually served in the Cavalry will be so identified. As a Horse Memorial Sponsor, you will receive a certificate showing your horse as an Honorary or Actual Cavalry Mount.

A Cause Worth Supporting

To become a Horse Memorial Sponsor, send your tax deductible gift of $50 or more to the U.S. Cavalry Memorial Foundation, along with the form below. This makes a great gift for an equestrian friend or relative.

Donors of $75 or more will receive a certificate suitable for framing that will be a visible reminder of a horse warmly remembered.

In addition to memorializing your horse, your gift will provide needed support for the historical research, preservation, and educational programs of the U.S. Cavalry Association. You will be helping preserve for posterity the history and traditions of our mounted service --- the U.S. Cavalry --- as it was in the era of the horse and as its is today, an essential part of our Nation’s defense.

You can make your contribution online by clicking the Donate button below. Please include the name of the horse and rider in the comment box before you submit your payment.


Alternatively, you can print this Horse Memorial Sponsor form and return it with your gift: